Tips for Choosing the Right Engineer of Record for Your Project

Engineer of Record (EOR) means a professional engineer who seals drawings, reports, or documents for a project. The seal shall acknowledge that the professional engineer prepared, coordinated, or had subordinates prepare under the direct supervision of the professional engineer, drawings, reports, or documents for a project. The EOR for construction projects is responsible for ensuring the structural integrity of the building.

The role of EOR weighs greatly in determining project success. Therefore, choosing the right structural engineering firm for the job matters. At Russell Rowland, we offer professional structural engineering for all levels of residential and commercial construction projects.

Russell Rowland typically serves as a subcontractor to either the architect or contractor who are hired by the Owner to manage the project. We work with other design professionals to coordinate the project design and ensure the constructability of the project while maintaining the aesthetic design. We have the experience required to ensure we are working with the right team for your next project .

Tips to Choose the Right Engineer on Record


Professional qualifications are the most basic consideration when hiring a structural engineer. A degree in structural or civil engineering is well as meeting both experience and testing criteria.  

All Engineers are required to be licensed within the State that they are providing services. Homeowners can look up and confirm licenses for Florida engineers here.  Before you launch into a major project, verify the qualifications of the EOR.

Quality of Work

Once you determine the engineer has the right qualifications, you must understand their previous quality of work. As a starting point, look online for reviews and project portfolio. This step may help rule out engineers with poor quality of work quickly.

A qualified and quality engineer needs the ability to clearly translate the client’s ideas and project goals into the scope of work or project proposal. However, a quality engineer must also communicate the reality of the project in consideration with structural integrity. An engineer with a significant record of quality work should be able to explain their previous hands-on experience with ample successful projects.

Technical Skill and Knowledge

When choosing an EOR, investigate their technical competency. A degree isn’t enough to prove an engineer has the technical understanding needed to manage a project to completion. A well-trained and highly-experienced structural engineer also has a library of skills and resources to solve design problems.

Adherence to Building Codes

Structural engineers must understand and design in accordance with applicable Building Codes. You want an engineer with experience in your local jurisdiction with a detailed knowledge of the code requirements. Each jurisdiction may interpret the Code differently and have local requirements that the EOR must be familiar with in order for your project to run smoothly through the permit & inspection process.

The services provided by engineers require honesty, impartiality, fairness, and equity, and must be dedicated to the protection of the public health, safety, and welfare.Local codes provide the minimum safety standards for construction. An experienced engineer also knows when the project needs more than the Code minimum for long-term project safety and reliability.

Organization and Professionalism

Not all structural engineers or firms offer equal quality and project success potential. When you discuss your project with a firm, consider the basics. Were they on time? Did they have recommendations or suggestions to help your project succeed? Did they remember the overview of your project?

Organization is vital when dealing with construction. Missed details will derail a project. Also, if your architect or contractor doesn’t feel good about a structural engineer, trust their experience. Not only do you want a team that works well together, but you want to avoid costly mistakes.

Invest in Quality and Trusted Structural Engineering

Russell Rowland is an independent engineering firm serving clients throughout the Southeast from our headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. We’ve successfully acted as the Engineer on Record for countless projects.

We are always happy to provide references, reviews and consultations for new clients. Contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss your next project.