Russell Rowland - Charity and Educational Program Support

Volunteering and donating to charities and educational programs make the world a better place. Charities work to give back to communities and help serve the underprivileged. Russell Rowland is passionate about the work we do and the communities we help. Without their support, we wouldn’t be here. By supporting multiple initiatives, we can show our gratitude towards the help we’ve received along the way. Here is some information about the organizations Russell Rowland has had the privilege of working with.

Career Academies of St. Johns

Career Academies of St. Johns partners with businesses in order to teach students relevant skills and give them real-world experiences. Professional and technical training is provided to students to help with their future career success. The goal is to connect with targeted occupations and develop pathways to high-skill, profitable careers. 

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Green Turtle Cay Foundation

The Green Turtle Cay Foundation was created to give visitors to the Cay opportunities to help the community and improve life on the island for its residents. The foundation’s goal is to better the well-being of the people of Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, Bahamas. After Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas in 2019, many homes and businesses were destroyed. Russell Rowland donated to the cause and worked with The Green Turtle Cay Foundation on repairs to Sid’s Grocery Store in an effort to get local businesses running again.

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Girls Inc. Jacksonville

Girls Inc. of Jacksonville works to develop young girls into healthy, educated and independent adults. Through long-lasting mentoring relationships, research-based programming, and a pro-girl environment, they teach girls to live healthy and active lifestyles. They are less likely to engage in risky behaviors and show diligence, perseverance and resilience skills in their lives.

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