Russell Rowland Gives Back

Volunteering and donating to charities and educational programs make the world a better place. Charities work to give back to communities and help serve the underprivileged. Russell Rowland is passionate about the work we do and the communities we help. Without their support, we wouldn’t be here. By supporting multiple initiatives, we can show our gratitude towards the help we’ve received along the way. Here is some information about the organizations Russell Rowland has had the privilege of working with.

Ace Mentor Program

The ACE Mentor Program of America is a free, award-winning after-school program designed to attract high school students into pursuing careers in the Architecture, Construction, and Engineering industries. Russell Rowland is proud to sponsor a scholarship for one of their students to pursue an Engineering degree.

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The Emergency Services & Homeless Coalition of St. Johns County, Inc.

The Emergency Services & Homeless Coalition of St. Johns County, Inc. provides innovative programs that assist the most chronic homeless families with children with getting off the street and on the road to self-sufficiency. To help them succeed, Russell Rowland, in collaboration with the St. Johns Builders Council, provided the engineering and is volunteering in the rebuild one of their houses so a family in-need will have safe housing.

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Builders Care of Northeast Florida

Builders Care of Northeast Florida aims to provide affordable to no-cost construction services to the elderly, disabled, and other nonprofits in Northeast Florida. Combining material with volunteers and professional labor, they can provide cost-effective construction to those who need it. Russell Rowland is a Caring Member and has built numerous ramps so mobility-challenged residents can easily enter their homes.

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Other Initiatives Russell Rowland Has Worked With: