Russell Rowland Gives Back

Volunteering and donating to charities and educational programs make the world a better place. Charities work to give back to communities and help serve the underprivileged. Russell Rowland is passionate about the work we do and the communities we help. Without their support, we wouldn’t be here. By supporting multiple initiatives, we can show our gratitude towards the help we’ve received along the way. Here is some information about the organizations Russell Rowland has had the privilege of working with.

Mandarin Food Bank

Established in April 1991, the Mandarin Food Bank, an initiative of St. Joseph’s Social Concerns Committee, began in a 900-square-foot space without heat or plumbing. Their mission is to provide emergency food and clothing to those in need in the Mandarin community. Run entirely by volunteers, their commitment to compassion remains at the core of their ministry.

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Feeding Northeast Florida

Feeding Northeast Florida stands as a beacon of hope and sustenance in our community. Since its inception, their organization has been dedicated to addressing food insecurity with unwavering commitment and compassion. Serving as a lifeline for those in need, Feeding Northeast Florida works tirelessly to distribute nutritious meals and essential resources to individuals and families facing hunger. With a passionate team and a network of devoted partners, Feeding Northeast Florida strives to create a hunger-free community by fostering collaborative efforts and innovative solutions.

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Other Initiatives Russell Rowland Has Worked With: