Why You Need a Structural Engineer for a Foundation Crack

It’s unnerving to find a crack in your home’s foundation and not know the level of seriousness. Oftentimes, homeowners don’t even know a crack exists until they discover deterioration in the concrete slab or soil erosion below. Don’t ignore a cracked slab. Contact a structural engineer to determine the source and potential impact of the problem.

What is a Foundation Crack?

Foundation cracks are cracks usually seen in foundational slabs or walls of a home or other structure. Not all cracks point to a major structural issue. Yet, all cracks are a sign movement that may or may not be of concern. The age of the home, type of foundation, and materials utilized are all relevant when evaluating a crack.

There are a number of different reasons that can lead to cracks in a home’s slab, including soil conditions, excessive moisture, poor construction, improper grading, and more. In many cases, a home inspector finds the crack and then recommends for a structural engineer to evaluate the situation.

Why It’s Important to Repair a Foundation Crack 

Unresolved foundation cracks can lead to additional damage in your home.  including:

  • Water damage, including mold and mildew
  • Deterioration of the concrete
  • Radon exposure
  • Pest intrusion
  • Loss of structural integrity

When you repair cracks quickly, you can eliminate the potential for future damage. This is especially true for newer homes where a crack occurs during normal settling and curing of the concrete. Many cracks are repairable with simple and cost-effective solutions. Waiting can cost much more if water damage or greater structural issues occur.

Benefits of Working with a Structural Engineer

The severity of a foundation crack varies greatly. A structural engineer has the knowledge and professional expertise to identify the root cause of a crack and recommend the best course of action to repair. You need a professional assessment of the crack for proper remediation.

When you work with a structural engineer, you receive a full engineering report after the foundation assessment. The report explains in detail the condition of the foundation and the recommended next steps for remediation. This allows you to make an informed decision for repairs while your contractor has a guide for the bidding & repair process.

Structural engineers will clearly communicate the problem whether structural or cosmetic. The goal of the Engineer is to create and restore the structural integrity of your building. [JR4] Engineers provide an unbiased third party professional opinion that allows you, as the homeowner, to make the best decision for your home.

When you invest in service from a structural engineer to address a foundation crack, you receive peace of mind that your home or structure has a solid foundation going forward.

Structural Engineers – The Best Solution for Foundational Cracks

Don’t take foundational cracks lightly. While we always hope a crack has an easy solution, we want you to have a safe and solid foundation for your home. It is better to use caution when dealing with a foundational crack to avoid more extensive damage.

At Russell Rowland, we’re invested in helping homeowners find the best solution for foundation cracks. Contact us today to schedule an assessment of your foundation crack and restore the structural integrity of your home.