The Importance of Career Fairs

Career fairs serve as a great way to connect aspiring job-seekers with potential employers. Beneficial to both students and employers, career fairs establish networking connections and allow students to practice their professional skills in a low-stress environment. Russell Rowland goes to multiple local college career fairs in search of upcoming graduates to mentor and teach about our industry.

The team at Russell Rowland

The Importance of Career Fairs

No matter if you’re a freshman or graduating senior, career fairs can impart valuable experience. For freshmen, career fairs serve as an opportunity to gain experience and prepare themselves for when it’s time to look for employment. Sophomores and Juniors take this time to search for internships in their field of interest. Seniors and graduate students use this time to match with an employer to enter the workforce. It’s a great way to get your face out there and determine if a certain company is a good fit.

Businesses benefit from career fairs as well. Being able to meet several students face to face in a short period allows them to determine if they’re right for the positions they’re hiring. For Russell Rowland, we go to career fairs so we can interact and connect with students and engineers in our industry. These events allow us to build professional relationships with current and future engineers in the construction industry.


Russell Rowland team during a framewalk

What We Look For

The ideal students we look for are juniors or seniors with previous engineering experience. It’s also important for them to have extracurricular activities and previous volunteer work that tie them to the community. Giving back is one of Russell Rowland’s key values, and we look for potential employees who align with that value.

One of the most important things we look for in potential hires is the ability to learn. We try to set up employees for success through training and employee development, so being teachable is a plus. When working with us, we strive to learn what you’re passionate about and help expand your skill set. This includes tuition assistance after being with us for a year, as well as mentoring and networking opportunities and personalized career paths. It’s our goal to teach and mentor you, while making your employment experience as enjoyable as possible. Competitive pay, paid time off and medical, dental, and vision insurance ensures you’re well taken care of at Russell Rowland.

Career fairs are an ingenious way to connect with business professionals and search for jobs. Even if you’re not looking for a new position, they provide you with networking opportunities that can lead to future success. We’re proud to participate in numerous local college career fairs and find the newest members of the Russell Rowland team.