The Importance of STEM for the Next Generation

With around 8.6 million STEM careers in the U.S., these professions are crucial to the inner workings of the country. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) occupations use science and math to solve problems and further the nation’s innovation and competitiveness. STEM workers often create new companies, industries, and ideas to better the future. That’s why it’s so important that the next generation learn these skills, and for businesses like Russell Rowland to encourage it. As this is where the biggest needs are in the workforce, and they are highly specialized, we need to expose young adults to opportunities in these areas of study. Without it, the country’s infrastructure will suffer.

Volunteering with Girls Inc

Importance of STEM for the Next Generation

While some believe STEM skills should only be taught to those who wish to learn a connected trade, there are multiple benefits to incorporating them into every student’s curriculum. Along with boosting the economy, STEM teaches critical thinking and innovation. This focus on problem-solving and logical thought processes creates mental habits that will help students succeed in any career path.


Doing Our Part

With such a high desire for STEM-related careers, it’s more imperative than ever for businesses to work with organizations and provide information and resources to the next generation. Russell Rowland feels strongly about this, and we’re doing our part to educate youth. 

Many of our employees are involved with local programs that teach young adults about STEM. This includes the Architecture-Construction-Engineering (ACE) Mentorship Program, where guest speakers talk about the engineering field and host mock interviews. Another valuable program is Girls Inc.. There we lead afternoon STEM programs, teach girls about careers in STEM and showcase the resources available to them.

Another way we help the community is by being on both the Pedro Menendez High School Architecture and Building Science Board and the Creekside High School Engineering Academy Board. Through this, Russell Rowland helps provide an industry perspective to guide the curriculum and projects of the academies. We also judge science fairs, drafting competitions, and product innovation events for local elementary, middle, and high schools.


Get the Next Generation Involved

With a recent push to introduce students to STEM careers in school, it’s more important than ever to get involved. Even if not involved specifically with STEM, people should give back to the next generation and community based on the skills they have acquired. It is only through donating time and resources that we can set the youth of today up for success.