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value engineering

Russell Rowland’s Value Engineering Practices Promote Cost Effectiveness While Maintaining Structural Integrity

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When planning any construction project, whether it be a luxury residential home or a commercial building, Russell Rowland will always utilize value engineering to evaluate ways to reduce costs while maintaining the quality and functionality of the structure. This common…

Jackie Rowland

Jackie Rowland Named Board Chair of Professional Women in Building (PWB) Council

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NEFBA’s Professional Women in Building (PWB) Council has named Jackie Rowland, CEO of Russell Rowland, Inc., as its Board Chair for 2021. PWB advocates for, supports and inspires women in the building industry by providing opportunities for both professional and…

White Roof

Old Versus New: Does Old Growth Wood Really Make a Difference?

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Lumber today is not the same as it was 100 years ago. Due to the high demand for lumber, sturdier old growth trees experienced over-harvesting, which drove forests to near extinction. Lumber farms, where trees grow at a much faster…

Wall Removal 101: Removing Load-bearing Walls

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Homeowners often wish to remove a wall for a variety of reasons, including to enhance style or function. However, removing a wall isn’t as simple as pulling out a sledgehammer and knocking it down. Removing a wall requires the right…

Understanding the Construction and Renovation Permit Process

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At Russell Rowland, we frequently receive questions about the permit process for construction and renovation projects. Each state and local municipality has specific permit requirements that vary, so we understand the confusion! The complexity and timeframe for the permit process…

5 Things to Know When Hiring a Structural Engineer

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Embarking on construction projects when you do not have prior experience working with a Structural Engineer might feel overwhelming. In fact, we find many homeowners don’t even know what services Structural Engineers offer or the fact that they can hire…

What’s the Difference Between an Architect and a Structural Engineer?

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At Russell Rowland, our clients frequently ask about the difference between an Architect and a Structural Engineer and how to know which to hire for their project. If you find the distinction unclear and need help clarifying the roles between…

Why You Need a Structural Engineer for a Foundation Crack

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It’s unnerving to find a crack in your home’s foundation and not know the level of seriousness. Oftentimes, homeowners don’t even know a crack exists until they discover deterioration in the concrete slab or soil erosion below. Don’t ignore a…

Tips for Choosing the Right Engineer of Record for Your Project

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Engineer of Record (EOR) means a professional engineer who seals drawings, reports, or documents for a project. The seal shall acknowledge that the professional engineer prepared, coordinated, or had subordinates prepare under the direct supervision of the professional engineer, drawings,…

What You Need to Know About Load Bearing Walls

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Load bearing walls provide critical weight support for your home. However, load bearing walls can also provide a challenge for construction projects, especially home renovations. Thankfully, structural engineers offer the expertise needed to remove load bearing walls that meet your…